2014 Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance Putter Review: Made in the USA

Bettinardi BB32 Counter Balance Review by Bunkers Paradise

By: Bruce McFarlane, Senior Editor for BunkersParadise.com

I can’t help but gush over how beautiful the BB32 is. I am pretty much in love with every aspect of it. From the mid-mallet pear-shaped head to the red/white/blue paint fill scheme.

There is a sense of serious quality when looking at the BB32. It is simple, yet loud enough to scare away a small animal. The honeycomb milled face provides a lovely sense of craftsmanship that leads to the no-nonsense sole of the putter which displays its namesake as well as its weight in grams and the ever popular “Made in the USA”, all in red, white, and blue.

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