Bettinardi Golf BB55 Putter Review

By: Bill Bush Co-Founder, Director of Technology at

Bettinardi Golf BB55 Putter Review: There are plenty of putter manufacturers who take the easy road: crank out mountains of Anser knock offs, stamp or finish them differently, and sell as many of them as they can. Robert Bettinardi is not in that group. While offering his customers plenty of classic head shapes, Mr. Bettinardi also offers a new innovative head shape nearly every year. The BB55 is his latest attempt to give golfers an easier way to get the ball in the cup. With extremely high MOI and a shape that promotes good alignment, the BB55 putter is a beautiful brute that might even persuade some traditionalists to put it in the bag.

Let’s start with the obvious: it’s big. The BB55 is over 4” from heel to toe and over 3.75” from front to back. If you’re looking for a bigger putter to boost your confidence, this is it.

Where the BB55 separates itself from other high MOI putters is in the craftsmanship and design. The BB55 is 100% milled from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s designed to give you all the benefits of advanced weight placement but without a cluttered look at address.

For alignment, the BB55 has two sight lines on the topline which frame the golf ball perfectly. A long single sight line runs the length of the flange and is perfect for those that like to use a line on their golf ball.

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