Bettinardi Golf’s Queen B Model 3 Review: Royalty

Queen B Model 3 Review by Bunkers Paradise02

By: Emma Robinson,

Bettinardi Golf’s Queen B Model 3 Review: Royalty

What is the most important club in your golf bag? It’s not your driver, your three wood, or your 8 iron. It’s your putter. You use your putter more than any other club in your bag. Why not get the best putter out there? Bettinardi is the best of the best. The best feeling and the best looking. I think Kuchar would agree!

All Bettinardi putters are milled in the USA. While other putter manufacturers have moved oversees, Bettinardi has stayed in America. The president and CEO of Bettinardi Golf, Robert Bettinardi is able to pay attention to every detail of every piece that is made.

I was lucky enough to receive the Bettinardi Queen B Model 3 putter. This putter is made for women golfers but is sold to mostly men golfers. Over the past month I have been playing with this unbelievable putter. I haven’t three-putted yet! My putting has been a major struggle in my golf game for the past year. I just didn’t have a lot of confidence standing over a putt. But this putter has changed everything.

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