The Bettinardi putter process starts out as a solid bar of carbon steel. The steel is sourced directly in the United States ensuring accuracy in all of our milling.

The raw block of carbon steel weighs in at approximately 7 pounds before beginning the milling operation. Once complete, the final putter weighs only around 360 grams, removing tons of excess material from the putter head.



The actual machining of a Bettinardi putter is where the true craftsmanship comes into play. Milling only one Bettinardi putter takes approximately 90 minutes to complete from start to finish.

After the putter is finished being crafted, we bring it to a different CNC (computer numerical control) machine that completes the engraving. The putter head is completely blank at this point, in which the engraver adds a sight line, and the intricate graphics on the sole of the putter in order to call out our brand, model name, and proudly engrave ‘Made in the USA’. This is a unique feature that can be found on all of our putters, as Bob Bettinardi and his team are extremely satisfied by making all of our putters in house.




The true difference in a Bettinardi putter vs. all of our competition is the fact that we inspect each and every process throughout machining via our detailed inspection guidelines. Due to the fact that Bettinardi Golf is ISO 9001:2008 certified, no detail is overlooked. We inspect items like the overall weight of the putter, the hozel inside and outside diameter, the smoothness of the face, and radius dimenisons on the putter to name a few.

When the putter head has completed its’ journey of being milled and engraved, it is then taken to a different area of our shop where the polishing begins. The putter is hand polished by our expert team of trained polishers who begin to break the rough edges on the putter, ensuring softness throughout and giving our customers that classic and flowing Bettinardi appearance.

After all the edges are broken in and smoothed out, the putters enter a plating and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) chamber which applies a unique and durable coating.

Painting each putter by hand adds a unique element to each distinctive model. The paint we use is ultra-durable and made to last in your Bettinardi putter.

Each putter is then installed with a 38 inch shaft so the end user can customize the final length of their putter.

After the putter is cut to the desired length, we install the grip selection by hand and have measures in place to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency so the grip is on perfectly straight time after time.

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