• Chinh

    Hey my name is Chinh. I was e-mailing you to know that I was using the 2017 Bettinardi Tiki and it helped me to my best score ever in my life. I shot a 68 at Sand Ridge CC in Cleveland/Chardon Ohio on Sept 14, 2017. It lead me to 25 putts for the round and I just wanted to let you guys know so you can send my big thanks to the design and production team. The putter is amazing. Best golf day of my life.

    Bettinardi Tiki is so soft and it is the most amazing feel for fast greens – that milled face may be made to collect but it’s my gamer!

    Thanks so much!

  • Matt Kuchar

    The reason I partnered with Bettinardi was because of my existing relationship with Bob having been to the factory, having seen how everything works, being so impressed with the craftsmanship and the ability to make changes, Bob nailed it, and I knew he was going to. This is what I was looking for.

  • Darren Clarke

    I have used many different putters since turning pro in 1990; none have helped propel my career like a Bettinardi. The look, feel, and expertise they put into making their putters is second to none. I have had a long career as a PGA Professional, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the precision of my putter. A big thank you to Sam and Team for their support!

  • Jim Herman

    I have never been more confident standing over my ball than when I have my Bettinardi putter in my hands. The superior craftsmanship separates Bettinardi from other putters I have used in the past. The help and support that I receive from the Bettinardi staff has helped me guarentee that I have found a putter I see myself using for the rest of my career. I consider myself lucky to be a Brand Advocate for Bettinardi, and am very fortunate to have won my first PGA event with a Bettinardi.

  • Jim M.

    I just want to say that this was the first time I’ve purchased one of your putters and it was pretty much a perfect experience. The putter already arrived and it looks and performs great. The customer service was excellent. I will definitely be a return customer and next time I travel to Chicago will try to visit your studio. Thank you very much.

  • Frank W.

    The Bettinardi wedges are simply amazing! I have never played with a wedge that was this easy to hit out of the bunker every single time. I’ve had every wedge and putter there is out there. Nobody can compare! Great job guys. I highly recommend these putters and wedges and they are gorgeous!

  • George S.

    I have golfed for several years carrying a 6 handicap. Through the years I have putted with several putters. A friend owns a golf shop here in Louisville, Ky that I do business with, he sold me one of your milled putters, I have not heard of your putters until then. I put it in my bag that day. Wow am I sold on your product and mentioned it to everyone. I have not had a putter with such softness and great feel. I love the way the ball comes off the head, the roll on the ball is fabulous. I felt that with a great product that you produce you should hear from a person who loves the game as much as you do. Thanks for adding more enjoyment to the game of golf.

  • Greg H.

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving my new Queen B #6! I had 11 putts on the front nine this morning enroute to a nice 77. Now all I need to do is hit more greens for birdie putts!

    Love my putter!

  • Dave R.

    The experience was fantastic! I was very happy with time and service Mike gave during my appointment. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt extremely happy with the putter I walked out of the studio with. I’m also happy to say that fitted putter has really given me new confidence that I’ve never experienced with a putter before, Definitely a great investment Thanks again!

  • Bruce M.

    I just returned home from a visit to the Tinley Park facility where I had a new grip installed on my putter. Each time that I have had the opportunity to visit, I have been treated with the utmost level of respect and kindness. This visit was no exception. Seriously, I wish that I could just hangout there all day long.
    I love my putter and I love the professionalism of the Bettinardi staff.
    Thank you so much!

  • Ariana M.

    I just finished a tournament in Kansas called The Trusted Choice Big I National Championship. The field consisted of over 60 of the Top girls from all over the US and was played at Prairie Dunes Country Club. Brutal greens and a very demanding golf course. Thanks to my new Bettinardi putter I was able to finish 6th out of the 60 girls :). Please thank Mr. Bettinardi for me, I really appreciate all the time both of you spent with me and I LOVE my new putter.

    Have a GREAT weekend & thanks again,

  • Claire D - NY

    So impressed with your customer service – unreal actually. Bettinardi is an amazing company and you were wonderful to work with!

  • Greg B

    As you know I’m a 2 handicap. In our first talk I mentioned my Scotty was what I thought would be “My last putter I’d ever buy”. You cringed and I laughed. Well, I’m here to tell you my distance control and alignment with my SS 2 is far superior to my now put away Scotty! I’ve dropped an average of 2 putts a round. That’s huge! Tuesday I posted what I felt was an effortless 69. I attribute this to the putter and distance control and feel of my wedges. On the wedges I’m a bit at a loss for words. I was told that I would notice a difference between my Titelist wedge set V yours. How true! I can work them with great ease, back the ball up at will and control my distance with more feel then thought. I was worried about not being able to order different grinds and now see it’s a moot point. If you ever have anyone on the fence, feel free to have them contact me. I can actually see a higher handicap golfer benefitting greatly from these wedges and putters.

  • Alan D.

    WOW!!! Just got the new putter and it looks amazing! Thank so so much for building one for me. This is far and away the nicest putter I have had and the head cover is really cool too. It may not solve “all” my putting problems but I can safety say I have the best looking better. You may hear this a lot but this is literally my dream putter.

  • Jim Porter - Red Hill Country Club

    “It is clear to me that after using my Bettinardi Studio Stock 15 putter over the past few months I know Bettinardi Golf’s commitment to the use of the finest materials, innovative design, and the work of master craftsmen has allowed me to own the finest feeling, looking and performing putter I have ever owned. I am quite positive that owning a Bettinardi putter would help every player play better and enjoy the game more”.

  • Paul K.

    I met you in the store and you mentioned to me to try the Bettinardi. I had my mind set on a top of the line milled putter and I was testing other brands that were face-balanced or a little toe-heavy mallet putters and I was pulling most putts with them. The moment I tried the Bettinardi MK Model 2, I was hitting it straighter than ever. Thank You again. This is a great putter and its feel is top of the line. I’ve used it on three courses since buying it and the distance accuracy is mind-blowing. Way better than the competition! I appreciate the prompt service on the mallet marked head cover as well. I received it very fast. I am completely satisfied with your products and service and I thought you should know through a testimonial.

  • Oscar Stahle - Lund – Sweden

    “Hi from Sweden! I am a former scratch golfer now in my early sixties and playing off three handicap. I have suffered from “putting issues” all my life and probably owned 100 different putters, including two belly and two long
    (chest) variants, attempting to come to grips with my weakness on the greens. I guess you can say that I have had the “yips”. I came across the Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Armlock Model 1 via your website and purchased it from one of your official dealers in the US. This putter is great! It has finally given me “peace” on the greens and for the first time in my life I feel confident I can make any putt. My average scoring has dropped significantly. I am recommending this putter (and putting
    method) to all my friends! I would not be surprised if it will eventually become a “best-seller”, once we are getting closer to 2016. BETTINARDI quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry!!”

  • Clive - Chicago

    I was just at studio B at your Tinley Park location and felt compelled to write you this testimonial as a benefit to other potential customers out there. For years I neglected my short game and especially putting. I was the type who believed in not spending more than $100 on a putter. Recently, however, I realized what a mistake that was. I purchased a Scotty a couple of months ago and while it was pretty good, I wasn’t quite happy with the feel of the deep milled face. I then explored and ended up buying a high end $500 Seemore putter, which in all honesty is way better than the Scotty. At this point you may be thinking, this guy is obsessed. Well, that may be true, but the next part is even more true. I was at a local golf shop and picked up a Bettinardi signature 10 and I was sinking putts from 20 and even 30 feet with perfect distance control. Instead of compulsively buying it I decided to make an appointment at studio B for a fitting. This was the best decision. After trying a few putters and having the analysis done in the studio, I thought I had settled on the signature 10. But then, by chance, I found a sweet putter “hiding” around the corner from the rack of putters I had initially looked at. I started putting with it and the rest is history. I literally did not miss a single putt after that. Luke set it up for me and I was on my way. It was a great experience and, since arriving at home about an hour ago, I have continued my putting streak. Next stop: Augusta! 🙂

    Thanks to Luke for making it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Scott M.

    I switched to the Kuchar Model #1 Arm Lock putter this past July and in August won my 3rd TN PGA Section PNC Championship. In 54 holes I recorded rounds of 26, 27, & 29 putts leading to a 3-day total of -9 and drained a crucial 8 ft. birdie putt in a playoff. I can honestly say that this victory was COMPLETELY due to the Kuchar #1. The week prior was the Web.com event at my facility and needless to say there was no practicing the entire 7 days leading up to our championship…. shot 31 (-5) on my first 9 holes. This victory gives me an exemption into the 2015 FedEx St. Jude Classic and a trip to the PGA PNC next year at Philadelphia Cricket Club. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Bobby

    I can honestly say that you have a customer for life. Mike is a great guy and very intuitive. He listened to what I told him and had me adjust so much, my game has changed so much because of you guys. I cannot explain how happy I am with the whole experience. I have been telling everyone about your company. I have had numerous compliments on the putter and the head cover. Thanks again!

  • Brandon Steele - West Virginia

    When it comes to my Bettinardi Putter, I could go on and on about the superior craftsmanship, the intelligent design, the confidence it gives you to have a custom built putter on the course, or even the excellent game play as the result of the uncompromising attention to detail in the assembly of my putter. If I had to tell you the one thing that makes me feel best about my putter though, it is the relationship. I know where my putter was made, I’ve been there, I met the people that milled it, and I shook the hand of the man that designed it. I know, that on any given day, I can drive to Bob’s Tinley Park facility and find him innovating, designing, and leading. He’s not just a figure head, or a salesman. His people aren’t just working a job. He and his company have a belief and value system that you just don’t find in a business these days. I couldn’t tell you where my driver is made, or who handled it, but I know where my putter came from, I know the man that made it, and I am proud that it came from start to finish right here in America.

  • Tom R. - Lakeville, MN

    I just wanted to let the Bettinardi people know about a fitting I had at Studio B in the 2nd Swing Minnetonka MN store. I did my fitting with Russ about a month ago. He was great. He spent quite a bit of time with me and I learned a lot. I traded in some of my old putters that were collecting dust and purchased my first Bettinardi. It’s a BB1 and for a production putter I have to say WOW! It looks great and I’m not going to bash any other popular putter maker but I have owned more expensive putters that have not felt this good. It was eye opening to see super slow motion before the loft adjustment of the ball skidding quite a bit when I hit a putt. Then to see the video after the loft adjustment of the ball starting to roll a lot quicker after impact was cool. The laser alignment was interesting. I could swear by my eye that I had my putter lined up straight at the hole but the laser showed I was 2 degrees open. We did this multiple times and every time I was 2 degrees open. It’s funny how your eyes can fool you. Just working on closing the face a little bit keeping my putter square at impact has helped my putting greatly. I will recommend giving this a try to anyone interested in the mechanics of putting. I feel more confident knowing that I have a quality putter and it is fit for me. Thanks for the great service. I’m working on my golf partners to go get fitted.

  • Brett Windholz - Salina, KS

    …Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I was a “Cameron” guy, I snubbed my nose at anything less. However, I did my homework. You’re a Midwestern kinda guy, (I’m from Kansas). I work in a Machine Shop, and while I’m by no means wealthy, I appreciate good craftsmanship. I also like an eye for originality, and to be honest, the HEX-B on the back of my new #4 will fit nicely with my first name! Cameron is not for this farm boy any longer!…

  • Mark T. - Malaysia

    I am just writing to commend you on the excellent level of service your staff provides, in this case, Mike Orvis. I purchased one of your putters from Thailand and had a friend bring it back for me on one of his business trips as an Xmas present to myself. When it arrived I found that it did not sit well and the toe pointed upwards instead of being face balanced. Have not seen the putter before, but bought it because it just looked so sexy. So to confirm I wrote to your Customer Relations department, to which Mike replied with suggestions on what, I should/could do. I will take it up with the Thai distributor from here on out. I have to say, I have written other mails to other companies and have never received such prompt and sincere replies. I am impressed with how seriously you guys take your business and am definitely a fan for life.

  • Mark Conlin - Orland Park, IL

    I recently picked up my BB1 M.S. putter following refinishing. It is absolutely PERFECT! I know the Bettinardi name is synonymous with precision, but this absolutely exceeds my highest expectations by an exponential factor. It looks nothing short of brand new. Thank you very much and I will highly recommend this service to anyone who owns a Bettinardi putter.

  • Bob E. - Virginia

    As of today I acquired my 4th Bettinardi putter. I had two from your Mizuno collection (A-01 and C-01), Big Ben, and now have the BB-33 from last year. Fantastic stick. My favorite of the group.
    I tell everyone I play with they should get your product. I continue to be impressed with what you and your team are able to do. I am not typically one to send e-mails like this based on things I buy, but ‘keep up the great work. You make playing golf more fun for many of us out there.

  • Billy Andrade - PGA Tour Professional

    I really believe strongly that the quality is the best I have ever seen. All the manufacturing is done under one roof and working with the Bettinardi team was a real neat experience and has helped my confidence.

  • Phil P. - 2012 Bettinardi Social

    We had a great time at your 2012 Summer Social.Hanging out with Eddie Greco & friends, the great guys in your shop, Sam & Will there with BIG Bob Bettinardi made for a special evening! Team Bettinardi impressed us with an extremely creative display of limited release putters for 2012. Your theme seemed to carry an artistic “Impressionist” influence… which was flawlessly displayed throughout many of the new designs. The golf industry is fortunate to have been spoiled over the years by your ability to consistently lead the market, integrating unique design and precision milling into each Bettinardi putting instrument produced. Thx again from our group for the great memorable evening!

  • Nathan C. - Thousand Oaks, CA

    I have never done anything like this before, but I have to tell you how wonderful the arm lock putter that you developed with Matt Kuchar is I shot 66-65 in my club championship over the weekend with 25 putts Saturday and 23 putts Sunday. My home course is Saticoy CC in Southern California, and we have very fast, severely sloped greens. My speed was perfect, and I never missed my intended line for 36 holes. The look and feel of the Kuchar #1 is far and away the most solid putter I have ever laid eyes/hands on. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop such a game changing, revolutionary piece of equipment (work of art).

  • Dwayne S. - Waldorf, Maryland

    I recently purchased a Queen B putter for myself. After all the research I narrowed things down to this choice. I did not know what to expect as the dealer did not physically have the putter in stock. But after receiving it, I have no doubt that this is one of the finest putters I’ve used. I’m going from a Nike Method to your product and will remain a loyal fan from this point on. The craftsmanship and quality are second to none. So thank you for a fine product. I will be sending it back in for my initials to be placed on it very soon. My golf partner used the putter for a full round and raved about it so much that she is in the process of ordering her own. Thank you again.

  • Tim L.
    I’ve been using a mod 1 armlock for over a year now and just won club championship at my club here in California.  I have been playing for about 40 yrs and absolutely love the game!   I tend to be a wristy putter and some lower back problems all point to why this putter is absolutely beneficial to my game.  Thanks Bettinardi and Kuchar for this wonderful club!
    Thank You!
  • Tyler P.

    I bought a putter last month, from you, the BB1F. I just wanted to say that it is the best putter I’ve every laid my hands on and there isn’t even a close second, I just recorded my first round under par mainly due to having only 26 putts. I just wanted to send this email as a special thanks for everything you have done. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Jordan G.

    I finally switched over to an arm lock putter this spring and immediately felt more confident in the way I was rolling the ball. It took a little while but towards the second half of the season I started making a lot of putts and my scores started to reflect it. I finished 2nd in our Section Assistants Championship shooting 65-71, won an assistants tournament shooting 64 and then last week I won our Section PGA Championship at The Philadelphia Cricket Club shooting 67-68-66 to win by 5 shots. That qualifies me to play in The PGA Professional National Championship in Sunriver, Oregon next summer. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the arm lock putter. It has helped me tremendously and turned something which has always been a weakness of mine into a strength. I have never made so many putts under pressure. I am excited to keep playing and see what else I can accomplish now that I have confidence with my putter. Thanks to you and the entire team at Bettinardi!

  • Scott T.

    Also got a Kuchar Model 1 (35″) for my bag.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb…quite remarkable, actually.  Even the head cover exudes class and quality.  I played with my new Kuchar today and first time out…sank several over 10′ and no three putts.  ‘Nuff said.  I’ve owned dozens of putters over the past 40 years…from the old Bullseye through the original Anser, and up to Two Balls and all kinds of blades and mallets along the way looking for that elusive combination of look and feel that translate into confidence and better putting. I do believe after all this time I have found what I have been looking for.  Please thank Mr Bertiinardi and the fine craftsmen (and women) at your facility for making a quality product made in the USA.

  • Theo H.

    My fitting experience via Studio B was terrific and to some surprise my metrics were great with current putter and yet the ball was skidding some after contact.  The fitter, after seeing the iphone app measured same tempo adjusted my loft to only about 2 degrees, vs the 5 or 6 my putter had.  He bent the hosel right on the spot and even managed to squeeze on a black SuperStroke 1.0 grip, which is great fit for my hands.  The putter he had me testing happened to have an uncut stepless shaft, measuring about 38” which was terrific for me too!  My height is 6’ 8” and handicap is an 18.  Since putting the putter in play, the day after 6/15; my league scores have dropped by about 4 strokes and each putt looks like it can be holed.

    Thanks for making such a fine putter, especially neat since made in the USA.