H2 303 SS Wedges
H2 303 SS Wedges
H2 303 SS Wedges
H2 303 SS Wedges
H2 303 SS Wedges
H2 303 SS Wedges

H2 303 SS Wedges

Bettinardi Golf

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Model: H2 303 SS Wedges
Dexterity: Right Hand
Weight: 3 lbs
Dimension: 40 x 4 x 4 in
Loft/Bounce: 52°/8°, 54°/10°, 56°/12°, 58°/10°, 60°/8° 
Wedge Loft: – 1°, – 2°, + 1°, + 2°, No Change (Standard °)
Wedge Lie: 62°, 63°, 64° (Standard), 65°, 66°
Length: 34″, 34 1/4″, 34 1/2″, 34 3/4″, 35″, 35 1/4″ (Standard 54°/56°), 35 1/2″ (Standard 52°), 35 3/4″, 36″, 36 1/4″, 36 1/2″, 36 3/4″, 37″
Wedge Shaft: KBS Hi Rev, True Temper DG S200
Shaft Flex: Stiff 
Wedge Grip: Lamkin Corded Grip

Robert Bettinardi challenged traditional wedge design with our brand new, 303 Stainless Steel Forged wedge line. Stainless Steel was chosen as the base metal for our wedges as a more durable alloy, giving players a sturdier feeling, longer lasting, and more forgiving club head. We kept the High Helix Cut on the face of the wedge which removes material very quickly resulting in a rougher surface finish, and then added our patented Honeycomb face milling creating more friction between club and ball.
The NEW Face of Bettinardi Wedges
This new technology pushes the USGA groove limits and offers tighter spin in both wet and dry conditions. Robert’s preferred C-Groove remains constant as a versatile sole grind, making it easy to open up around the green for soft flop shots, or hitting knock-downs from the fairway. Available in a KBS High-Rev Tour Shaft, or True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, and paired with a Lamkin Crossline corded grip.

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