Interview w/ Sam R. Bettinardi

Interview w/ Sam R. Bettinardi – Vice-President, Sales & Marketing Bettinardi Golf

I was three years old when I began to learn the game. This was at the time my father began to mill putters for other top equipment manufacturers. I had a putter that said “Sink it Sam” on it when I turned 6 and I fell in love with the aspect of customizing putters and seeing different logos on your flatstick.

Fast forward to high-school and college, I was always involved in conversations with my father at the dinner table, talking about putter ideas, business thoughts, tour players, etc. My plan was to go to college for four years, graduate and work for another company to gain some outside experience, then come back and work for my father. This was in the winter of 2012 when I graduated from DePaul University.

In January of 2013 as I was beginning my job search, and Brian Gay won the Humana Challenge with our putter, and shortly after Matt Kuchar began to use a Bettinardi. Things started to really pick up at work and my father needed a sales/marketing guy so we both agreed that it was the perfect timing. I have been working here for almost 3 years now and enjoy every minute of it. Golf is my passion as I am a scratch golfer and working with my father is a dream come true.

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