The Armlock technique is all the buzz on the PGA Tour in 2019. At Bettinardi Golf, this putting technique was pioneered by Robert J. Bettinardi and Matt Kuchar as they worked to perfect a stroke that would help eliminate any deviations in the shaft angle from setup to impact, where often putting errors occur. As the PGA announced the ban of anchoring, therefore outlawing the belly putter and technique most popular on Tour, the Armlock method was an easy concept that seemed fitting to replace it. Ahead of the curve, Robert Bettinardi was milling one-piece Armlock putters made for everyday golfers and offered in a production lineup. Designed, engineered, and crafted in the USA just outside of Chicago, in Tinley Park, Illinois, we’re proud to have set the standard when it comes to the performance the world’s best golfers require from an Armlock putter. We’re excited to offer our 2019 SS28 Armlock, for the first-time, with a slotback milled in the rear flange to offer maximum forgiveness, and the latest addition to the Armlock, the all-new SS38 Armlock, a full compact, cavity-back Armlock that provides the ultimate confidence at address.

Why Are Tour Players Moving to Armlock Putters?

Our Tour Staffer, Matt Kuchar has been using a Bettinardi Arm-lock putter since 2011. The biggest benefit to the Armlock putting method lies in the setup and grip that allows the player to lock in to a consistent grip, by putting the shaft of the putter along your lead (left) forearm, and putting you in a setup position that elimates any deviations in shaft angle, which ultimately decreases errors and helps promote more consistency and rhythm in a players putting stroke.

Benefits To the Armlock Putting Technique

1. Removes any wrist hand-movement

2. More control of the putter face

Promotes Consistency and Rhythm

For players with the putting yips, the Armlock

Common Questions About The Armlock Putting Method

How do you choose the right Length for the Arm Lock?

The standard length we recommend when beginning to experiment with an Armlock putter is 40”. Bettinardi offers 40” to 42” options when it comes to selecting lengths.

What is the recommended loft for an ArmLock Putter?

When choosing the most optimal loft for your Arm-lock putter, Bettinardi Tour Department recommends 5 degrees of loft to help promote forward press, allow the shaft to rest against the inside of the golfer's left arm.

What is the recommended lie for an ArmLock Putter?

When choosing lie for your Armlock putter, Bettinardi Tour Department recommends setting the lie at 70 degress as the starting point for the putter head to be level.


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