Arm Lock Training Band

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With the Arm Lock Training Band, golfers will easily start to feel the motion that 7-time PGA Tour winner Matt Kuchar feels when putting.

The Bettinardi Arm Lock Training Band is a new tool developed by Matt Kuchar and Robert Bettinardi, in order to make the arm lock putter easier to use for every day players. Most golfers when first attempting to use an arm lock putter may feel slightly intimidated by this new putting technique. Now, with the Arm Lock Training Band, golfers will easily be able to feel the motion that 7-time PGA Tour winner Matt Kuchar and other arm lock users feel when stroking the ball with a smooth and effortless putting stroke. The Arm Lock Training Band allows the golfer to position their hands closer to his body, and engrain the putting stroke of using the bigger muscles in the back and shoulders, without letting the wrists or hands get involved in the stroke. See for yourself why Matt Kuchar consistently is ranked in the top 5 in all PGA Tour putting stats, and purchase the Arm Lock Training Band with your Arm Lock putter.

  • Step 1. Release the Velcro strap from the training band.
  • Step 2. Slip the arm band on your arm that faces the hole, just beyond your wrist.
  • Step 3. Put putter grip approximately two inches below elbow joint.
  • Step 4. Wrap the Velcro strap around putter grip and Velcro into place.
  • Step 5. Forward press the putter and rock the shoulders.
  • Step 6. Practice technique to feel “Locked-In” putting stroke.

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