A Putt Everywhere Putting Cup

I am a firm proponent of the #putteverywhere lifestyle. I’ve got a green in the garage, another in my office at work, and still another one in the closet should I need a backup. Additionally, I’ve been known to putt at random targets across carpets, both local and abroad.

You’ve likely dropped something on your carpet at home, or an unused part of the putting green, and putted at it. During autumn, I’m sure that we’ve all taken dead aim at random dropped leaves. Almost any found object can work as a target.

That said, there are some pretty nice putting targets out there that you can buy as well. This putting cup from Bettinardi may be the nicest one that I have ever rolled balls into. It’s fully milled from aluminum and is so badass looking that it even comes with a stand to set it on to display as art when not putting at it. It’ll cost you a whole lot more than a leaf or red solo cup target, but for some, it’s worth it.

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