Q & A With Sam Bettinardi – GolfWeek

Q & A With Sam Bettinardi - Golfweek

The family boutique clubmaker is back in the world of wedges. Golfweek recently spoke with the vice president of sales and marketing to get the story on the company’s new wedge line.

Why wedges, and why now?

Wedges are something that has always been a passion of my father’s (founder Robert Bettinardi), and we’re big golfers. When we started our company back in 1998, we made putters. Starting in 1999, we made wedges. What we did was make them out of a solid block of steel, and we milled them. They felt pretty good, but the process was so expensive and time-consuming that we decided that even though they were cool, we should stick to putters. Fast forward to 2011 and we started milling them again out of a solid block of steel. We put the honeycomb face on them, and people liked them. But they were very expensive. Now, in 2014, we wanted something that was more affordable and more like what golfers used, which is a forged club.

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