The Club Report: 2014 Bettinardi Signature Line

The Club Report 2014 Bettinardi Signature Line

By Dave Wolfe | MyGolfSpy

The two Bettinardi Signature Series putters that I have for you today speak volumes for the health of the milled putter marketplace. As a company, Bettinardi makes a strong 100% milled statement throughout their lines.

Today though, we have the 2014 Bettinardi Signature Series. This is the top end, limited edition Bettinardi line. The putters, and the headcovers both show Mr. Bettinardi’s signature. He signs his name on them much like an artist would a painting or sculpture. I don’t know if putters can be art, maybe they can. However, I do know that by signing something, you are absolutely putting your name behind what you have made.

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