The Club Report: Bettinardi’s 2016 Line-Up

Bettinardi understands the current golf market.

Before you bemoan the fact that a company that makes putters costing $300 and above can’t possibly get the current market, let me explain my reasons.

Two years ago, Bettinardi moved to a two-year release cycle, and they have held to that plan. Sure, we get a surprise SS6 added to the Studio Stock line this year, but the BB line lasted the whole two-year cycle without change. Product longevity is a growing part of the golf market, consumers viewing rapid releases as costly and tiresome.

Secondly, while there will likely always be a BB1 in the line-up, Bettinardi does a great job of rotating the other models, including both old favorites, and new ideas. The BB8 will definitely be a welcome return for many, and the BB40 will catch the eye of those looking for a new mallet.

The final thing that I think Bettinardi gets is the need for the new, to really look new. Compare the 2014 BB line and this new 2016 one, you see that the new models are different and that’s not a trivial thing.

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