The Feel of Sound


One of the most important factors when determining a putter is the sound it makes upon hitting a golf ball. Not only does your putter’s sound play an important role in the performance of the putter, but it helps lend to the overall feel of the putter, which in turn provides better confidence on the greens. 


There are many different factors that influence the acoustics of a putter. The predominant factor that determines a putter’s sound, is the putter’s face milling.

Bettinardi is proud to offer three distinct face millings in our production lineup and each face milling that we offer produces its own distinct sound. Take a listen below:



Roll Control Face™

Our Roll Control Face™ is engineered with a distinct groove profile to propel the ball into a true roll faster while giving golfers the softest feeling milled putter in golf. By removing 55% of the material from the putter’s face, we’ve created a face milling that results in less mass hitting the golf ball, which equates to a softer feel. This is exclusive to our INOVAI and Studio Stock lines. It’s an asymmetrical groove design that is made for golfers with an aggressive putting style.


Aggressive Flymill

Our Aggressive Flymill face features a medium level of firmness and is exclusive to our BB line of putters. The Flymill face was milled as a completely flat face, without the concave effect you would find on other putters in the market. This face milling offers a muted, but responsive feel at impact, and is best for players looking for consistent speed and feel.


Mini Honeycomb

Our Mini Honeycomb face milling utilizes an 8% smaller machine tool on the face of the putter in order to provide the softest Honeycomb face to date while accentuating the beauty of the Honeycomb™ design. Our Honeycomb face milling remains exclusive to the Queen B line. Honeycomb face milling still remains the firmest feeling face out of all the production face millings. This face is perfect for golfers conscious of speed.

The original Honeycomb face was created in 1998 when founder Robert Bettinardi discovered a superior face milling to what he had been producing for other manufacturers. This method required the use of a special jeweler-grade machine cutter that precisely machines the face of the putter at a perfect perpendicular angle. This unique milling process resulted in a 200% flatter face and eliminated the concave effect found on other manufacturers’ putters.




Video Transcript
When you think about choosing a putter, you naturally think about the physical characteristics; the head shape, the alignment, the loft, lie, length and the grip you want on your putter. But you don't often think about the feel of the putter.
Feel is just as important as every other visual aspect of choosing the head, if not more. Feel, is also sound.
The variety of face millings that Bettinardi has to offer in our production line gives three distinct sounds for all golfers, while other golf companies limit you to only one. In our face millings, we provide three unique feels; Our honeycomb face not only looks like jewelry, but it's a completely flat putting surface that provides a responsive feel at impact.
Our flymill face is right in the middle in terms of feel, it’s completely flat, and there's no concave dish that's running through the middle of the face. It's responsive, it's teetering on the soft side right in between our other two face millings.
Our roll control face milling is the softest feeling milled face on the golf market today. We remove 55% of the material from the putter face, resulting in less mass hitting the golf ball, which equates to a softer feel. The grooves on the roll control face also have performance benefits where they're milled at a proprietary angle, which gets the ball into a true roll faster.
The best way to decide what feel is best for you is coming in to Studio B and getting fit or going to one of our authorized dealers to try the best style for your game.