Bettinardi Golf is one of the few family-owned golf club manufacturing companies in the game. This independence allows for freedom in design and product creation from start to finish, in addition to creating the best golf equipment under the discerning eyes of Robert and Sam Bettinardi. The opportunity to create a unique club or accessory tailored to the needs of each individual golfer makes Bettinardi’s repertoire of products expansive, an opportunity only afforded by the freedom of a family-owned, on-site production company.


Founded in 1998 by Robert Bettinardi with a dedication to American craftsmanship, ingenuity and discriminate attention to detail, the Bettinardi brand has amassed more than 85 professional wins on world-wide professional tours during that time. Robert’s mission was furthered by his son, Sam, now Vice President of the company, whose goal is to ensure quality, innovation and independence for players in future generations. Unlike newer companies, the history and decades of practice and experience, as well as the dedication to the future, ensures customers that they are getting products that have been perfected.


Breaking through as the first company to ever mill a putter out of one solid block of steel, and inventing the Honeycomb face technology, Bettinardi stays at the forefront of golf equipment innovation. Bettinardi continues to expand product lines, introduce new face millings, finishes and innovative milling techniques by investing in the best machinery and talent, proudly produced just outside of Chicago, IL, USA. With the ever-changing game of golf, Bettinardi continues to adapt its technology, ultimately being the leader in the putter category. The advancements in science and technology created and used by Bettinardi, day-in and day-out, allow customers to hold in their hand a club that is uniquely theirs and find confidence on the course.


Completely made onsite, Bettinardi Golf is proud to manufacture our products right outside of Chicago, IL, USA. Bettinardi has direct control over our entire processes, taking each hand-crafted item, from concept and testing, to milling, polishing, and painting, through packaging and shipping. Made with dexterity and patience, each putter is given careful attention to ensure that each step is producing the results our players deserve, resulting in quality control at its finest. Bettinardi craftsmanship means holding a putter designed by experts who brought American ingenuity to the game of golf.


Bettinardi designs each individual putter with an acute dedication to detail and creative minds that execute unique and new concepts. Whether its a hand-painted, custom creation or a high-end finish application, Bettinardi products continue to challenge and change the look of clubs on the course. Using high-end materials for all accessories, such as genuine leather headcovers and premium metals, Bettinardi’s witty and amusing, yet professional aesthetic lets players have fun with the look of their equipment and enjoy the game we all love so much.