Bettinardi Golf Announces New Studio B Location

Tinley Park, IL- Bettinardi Golf is pleased to announce they will be moving their Studio B location, which is currently located in Tinley Park, Illinois, right above their factory floor, to Oak Brook, Illinois. The new location, set at 6,800 sq ft., is expected to open in the 2nd quarter of 2023 and will include a large boutique shopping space, two private putter fitting bays, custom wedge fittings, The Hive, as well as ample space for events and workshops.

With this new brick-and-mortar concept, Bettinardi Golf is looking to expand the current Studio B experience to include more space and availability with our fitters, a more intimate customization process, historical products highlighting their rich 25-year history, and an even larger shopping selection.

The new storefront is slated to host future high-profile events and be the go-to hub for putter and wedge fittings in the Chicagoland area.

“It has been my ultimate dream come true to open a storefront in the best shopping location in our home state of Illinois,” said Robert Bettinardi, CEO/Founder of Bettinardi Golf. “Studio B Oak Brook will allow us to fit our Tour staff and customers with the best technology in the world, in addition to providing the most premium shopping experience in golf. We could not be more thrilled.”

“Studio B Oak Brook is meant to be a much more immersive experience for our customers, that not only will it provide a centralized location to get all your Bettinardi goods, but it will also serve as an invitation to get closer to our brand and really touch, feel, and see who we are as a company and family.” said the President of Bettinardi Golf, Sam Bettinardi.”

Bettinardi Golf has not announced an exact opening date at this time but has plans for a large grand opening party when the space is ready. Bettinardi Golf's manufacturing facility will remain in Tinley Park, Illinois, where they will continue to produce the finest golf products in the world.

For more news regarding the opening of Studio B Oak Brook, please follow Bettinardi Golf on Twitter, @bettinardigolf.