Club Champion CB24 IRONS - Testing The Brand New Irons

Beauty. Strong. Get up! Get up. Very nice. They feel really good. Super easy to hit. They sound very solid. There's honestly a couple in there that would. You know, my reaction is that has no business being on a green, but like an iron that we both play with that tungsten. It really does help. And again, being this being a CB and being as forgiving as it is, there's a high level of handicaps that could use these arms.

All right guys, welcome back to the channel. So today we have brand new iron to review, Michael. Yeah the Bettinardi CB 24 little couple photos online. on tour. when they have their tour bags for their putters, they had a set of these kicking about, so far, they look they look really good. Five years in the in the making for a company obviously more renowned for putters.

And in recent years, wedges also, getting a lot of a lot of praise for for that wedge. Definitely. That may have been part of the inspiration is probably is always part of the agenda at some point with the background. And so metals and materials and sort of processes and manufacturing. Mikey. But when I heard that there was an iron coming, I suppose I was still a bit surprised.

Yeah. in a good way. you know, it's obviously core competency with the short game to expand into an iron and be committed to that. That's a lot of R&D money. That's a lot of resources that then, you know, we know what goes into all these all games making the irons that they do. So for a smaller company like Bettinardi who specialize in short game tools to enter that game of thought, fair play. Yeah, I know there's, you know, they got a lot of tour pros that use their putters. They posted a video with, Freddy Couples. He was testing the irons. I mean, to hear his praises. I know he's close with the Bettinardi family he’s used one for a while, but, I mean, obviously, to watch him hit. He doesn't really miss the center. No he does not. He was giving it high praises.

There is a blade, but we're reviewing the CB today. CB24s. Yeah. The the blade from what I've seen in the pictures, is not. So it would not be one that's going to intimidate people. You know, I mainly, and I think with the shape and when you guys see them, when we obviously put up the images of, of the irons, I mean, you see, there's they're built for the majority of golfers.

I think sometimes when these types of irons come out, they can maybe be too small and too much of a player's product and really be quite niche in the market. But when you look at the offset profile, the top line profile, these are designed for any golfer to gravitate towards. The irons. Yeah, for a one piece forged iron and like you said, the photos will overlay. You'll see there's definitely a little bit more forgiveness.

This I think it widens the market of who could who could put these in the bag and for their following of, you know, putter collectors and stuff like
that. You know, I'm sure a bunch of them would throw a set irons in the bag.
Yeah, definitely give them a try. I mean, for again, a company that's renowned for the materials they use, and the feel of their products. I mean, with these, no expense has been spared, when it comes to these irons, from a machining standpoint, from a materials sourcing standpoint.

So, yeah, they use three materials. They use obviously the 1025 carbon, they use the ceramic. And they use the the tungsten positioned at very specifically for each iron. Yeah. The ceramic is the interesting one.

Obviously tungsten for higher MOI to, you know, make the head more stable. The CMC, this ceramic matrix composite that they have is, is quite interesting, totally different. Most companies not using that type of material. Now there's, there's a couple there's one other brand that I know of that used ceramic in the past but haven't really, you know, followed through
with it. So to see it, to see it come back or to see it in a different brand or other brands starting to use it is is definitely a cool concept. Yeah. Without a doubt. Okay, let's, let's get some tests and we’ve built specifically with your specs here. Your shaft, modus tour 120s. we're going to do this with tthe four, seven, and pitching wedge. Okay. All right, magic Mike, let's, let's get a few impressions.

Yeah. I mean, at address behind the ball. Definitely a little bit thicker. Top line, not massive, but definitely has some some confidence behind it. The first couple swings made like it. It does have some offset to it. Yeah. for a CB iron which again that's obviously, you know, going to help build that confidence a little thicker top line but really clean soul. Really clean. I mean it's a great looking iron. I love the look of them. but yeah, just to start off a little bit of off set on the pitching wedge. Okay.
Oh. That's skinny. Oh. Oops. It does sound nice. I'm not saying this because I use a Bettinardi putter, but I do love the feel of these irons. They feel super soft, easy to hit. I mean, there's a couple wide shots in there that don't belong on a green that are. Okay, give me a couple more.

There is no business for that going that far. Beauty strong. Get up, get up. Very nice. They feel really good. Super easy to hit. They sound very solid. Yeah. I mean, for. There's a lot to say. A couple in there that would. You know, my reaction is, that has no business being on a green, but yeah, like an iron that we both play with that tungsten, it really does help. And again, being this being a CB and being as forgiving as it is, I mean there's a high level of handicaps that could that could use these irons. Yeah. Agreed. I think the unsung hero of this iron and I'll be curious to get your reaction to what it feels like is going to be that sole. Yeah. I think if you if you look at how thin that sole is, you know, when it gets down into the summit and, and short and even the long on the four iron, there's just there isn’t a lot of mass down there, but it's, in weight but not in sole.

Sometimes when manufacturers obviously tungsten is expensive. High density tungsten is very expensive to to put in there. So they would rather use a, a larger sole mass of the cheaper material and then go into the expensive stuff.

Bettinardi entail have have really went all out on, on the materials and they have not skimped on these whatsoever. No. Which probably why it took five years. Right. They're not just going to push something out to get it to the market. Right. And to seven iron. Michael. Yeah. Again interesting. Like they're still offset, but it's starting to look less and less. From wedge to seven iron. That address possession visual that I get from behind here is really, really nice. Yeah. I mean yeah, you know, obviously very, very signature with Bettinardi with with this honeycomb and in
this, the the bee logo that, the renowned for. Yeah, it looks super premium. Like I said, it feels really good. Sounded really good.

These iron videos are tough, you know, confusing leaving you feel… I could have 15 sets irons this year. I mean, that wasn't struck the best. Was that not, your last one didn't feel your best? It felt a little skinny. But I mean, it was I thought the, I thought the first one didn't sound. Yeah. The first one was skinny too, but look at them both the exact same.

Identical. Yeah. That's cool. Lots, lots of forgiveness. Packed them. That's a that's a little toey. It's just the same. it's the same as the other ones. So I know identical. Absolutely identical. If I can miss it a bunch like that on the golf course. Sign me up. They feel really good. They sound good. One more. What's the loft on the 7? 20? Sorry, 33. But that. It's like low heel. Pretty good. Still go there to your 170 number. Very good, Mikey boy. I know, but you just keep using the same word like solid. Just the sound. Really, really solid. So good. Really impressive.

They talk a lot about this loft dependent center of gravity. Mikey, this is this is where I'm interested. I know that if we all know, if we watch Mikey do these tests, this is where you do start to sort of notice a difference when we put, the compare page up here and we, we look at the apex of the wedge and the seven and we see obviously it's very similar. That's what loft dependent center gravity is going to achieve for someone. The ability to maintain peak highs, obviously land angle. Make sure we have the right balance in flight.

Obviously great dispersion on these for you. but when it comes to a four iron, which you don't carry, don't even carry a five iron currently, this is where it will be the difference maker. Yeah. And looking at this sole its definitely intimidating. And for right now for kind of how like steep I am, I'm hopefully I can get this airborne. Okay Mikey boy, let's see what you've got in the locker there for iron, you know good luck. Now the confidence level has gone down a bit. This. Yeah. See yeah right ball.

Solid Mikey. Yeah. Got away with it. Didnt feel you got it? No. Little hillside. Okay.
Almost. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Oh. You done well. Well done there. Yeah. Still flew 193 or something like that. Again. I can hear it in hillside and again for a low strike. Like obviously I pulled it, but it came back. That's nice. Right. We done. Who's this guy? I just got to be higher. Oh, it's way higher I was straight, it's got to be like 85ft
ish. Come on. 90. Love that. Plenty a launch in that. Okay. Nice performance. Yeah. I really, like them.

There is a little change with the four iron that we made. Made a little bit more upright for myself. Yeah, and move some ball position, but definitely helped. You know, we know that you're always going to fight face to path, so, you know, they were at standard and then we made a couple degrees upright, which is, nice for you. I really like the feel of them.

They I mean, they perform on that that miss hit. Like I said, we play current iron that does very similar to where that tungsten kind of placed. And you can miss it and get away with it. The four iron is definitely less offset, thinner top, not thinner top line but smaller footprint. Definitely less confident than the rest. But they're a heck of an iron. yeah. You. I feel it like I don't know when you hear so many different clubs being hit in the beam and the chase for ball speed nowadays, the sound can sort of be sacrificed by how thin these iron these faces get when you hit them. I thought the sound. So it sounds rich to me. Yeah, yeah, like rich in terms like the rim deep in terms of like the, the material and where you're shaking the face like it, it sounded very pure. Yeah, yeah.

It felt I don't know, this is a term, but like pillowy, like when you struck it, it didn't even feel like you did anything. The ball just kind of took off. So. Yeah. Impressed for sure. Yeah. And I think testament to the work done to position the center gravity with these irons. And you know, guys, it probably sounds like sort of, you know, techie talk that it were, you know, talk about CG location and these three materials the the ceramic the tungsten and the carbon steel.

But it really does. It really does make a difference when you start to position things, very specifically for that type of iron, because you don't want that same center of gravity in a wedge as you want in a four iron, and you want a seven iron, like these are three very different irons.

And for the type of performance we're looking for, for, say, the iron, totally.
We need it in a different place. It's taking them five years. There's a reason it's taking them five years. They've got the materials right. It looks clean, feels great, performs I think one, I love this picture here, this this sort of comparison page. Because when we look at the three peak heights, we're sort of, they were in the mid 80s when it comes to the, the wedge in the a seven iron in terms of peak height.
Yeah. And then we drop to about a just a few feet there. Yeah. But it's very similar. Yeah. And I mean in the data collection, that last one look we were able to get up to 90ft, which is you know for me and a four iron is obviously amazing. Nice. I don't use a form right now, but I mean, if I had to use a four, It was pretty good.

You know, you've got half a chance at least with that one because you want to get back to using the five. I do want to go back to using a five. Yeah I don't know why because the hybrid I have is quite good but just round out the set. Yeah really impressive I like these I yeah I really really like them. Available for sale right now.

They are now released. And I don't think you'll see them here, there and everywhere. I don't think they'll be in every big box store. I do think you're gonna have to seek these out guys. You're going to have to try and find, an authorized Bettinardi dealer, somebody who's been trusted to fit them correctly, and that's a big part of the story with these, so kudos to the guys. Yeah. Well done. It was really good. And hopefully we get our hands in the blades at some point. test those, but we'll see. And those CB24s might disappear. They might disappear. Who knows? Well I'd love to see them on the golf course and see how they perform on the course.

Because as I said, I think the secret weapon, we speak a lot about the position of weight, but we also really want to see how they perform through the turf. Yeah, I think that sole is a little secret weapon to this iron. So, I want to I want to see, you know, you or someone hit those and see how those, play out for sure.
Great stuff. Okay, guys, let us know. Is this something you're interested in, are you a Bettinardi fan? You know, I know people kind of collect putters and, you know, wedges and things like that.

So, will that make you go out and seek out the irons, be, very curious to hear your thoughts on these. A more expensive price tag.
We know that. Yeah, but you're going to get what you pay for, right? It's been you know, that that quality has been engineered into the product for you guys to get it back out, and perform. And so if you've tried them, if you'd be lucky enough to try them in the seating program, let us know. I'd love to hear if anyone's tried them so far. Definitely. Good. All right. Stay tuned for more. We'll see you again soon.