Custom Putters


Interested in a custom Bettinardi putter? Learn about the process below.  


Below you'll find some of our most popular putter head shapes. To inquire about different models, please contact our concierge below. You can also schedule a fitting at our Studio B to work with our expert fitters to find the perfect putter.

*Left Handed Models Available: BB2, BBZero, Box Car, Queen B 6, SS3, and Inovai 6.0

BBZero (LH) Putter Head
BB8 Classic Putter Head
BB8 Mid Putter Head
SS3 Putter Head
FCB (Fred Couples Blade) Putter Head
FCB (Fred Couples Blade)
Step Jam Putter Head
BB8 Tri Putter Head
SS9 Putter Head
Queen B 6 (LH) Putter Head
Inovai 6.0 (LH) Putter Head
Inovai 6.0 (LH)
BB8 Wide Putter Head
SS28 Putter Head
BB2 (LH) Putter Head
BB2 (LH)
BB34 Putter Head


DASS - Double Aged Stainless Steel Putter Heel

DASS stands for Double-Aged Stainless Steel which is our most premium metal. The base material, 303 Stainless Steel, is heat treated two times, first baking the metal to 650 degrees, followed by a cool down and then back into the oven at 450 degrees with a final cool down. This process is referred to “double-aged, or double-annealed”. Robert J. Bettinardi began doing this in the early-mid 2000’s in order to find a softer, more premium metal that machines like butter, and most importantly extremely soft when putting.

Carbon Putter Heel

Our Carbon putters are milled from a proprietary blend of American made Soft Carbon Steel. Carbon Steel allows for exceptional machinability, and provides for a slightly softer feel at impact than stainless. Raw carbon putters are intended to naturally patina over time. A PVD finish can be added to Carbon putters to provide an aesthetically pleasing, and durable appearance. Many Tour players and golfers find the material to feel softer, and more crisp at impact than Stainless Steel and love the natural finish that reflects on the putter head over time.


Roll Control Face™

• Developed in conjunction with the top players in the world and highest performing putters on Tour

• Scientifically engineered with an asymmetrical design groove profile that promotes more topspin at impact

• Without the use of inserts, the Roll Control Face™ gives players exceptional feel and optimal audible feedback at impact.


Flymill milling on putter face


• Muted, yet responsive feel at impact

• Made for players looking for both consistent speed and feel

•Available in a variety of different depths to accomidate different feels

F.I.T Face Milling on Putter Face

F.I.T. Face

(Feel Impact Technology)

• Softest feel at impact

• Made for players with an aggressive putting style

•Bettinardi milling process that eliminates inserts

Micro-Honeycomb milling on putter face


• Firm feel at impact

• Made for players conscious of speed

• Patented Bettinardi milling technology

Choose Your Alignment

Putter Head with no alignment marks
No Alignment  
Putter Head with T-Line alignment
T- Line
Putter Head with Top Line Alignment line
Top Line
Putter Head with T-Hive Dot Alignment
Putter Head Sight Dot
Sight Dot
Putter Head with Flange Line
Flange Line

Choose your Icons

Discuss with your Hive Concierge to view and select the right icon for your custom putter.


Custom Engraving Fat Cat Putter
Custom Engraving
Custom Engraving

Choose your Finish

In-House Finishes: Stainless Steel

Bettinardi Tour Blast Finish
Tour Blast  
 Bettinardi Torched Finish
Bettinardi Steel Patina Finish
Steel Patina
Bettinardi Black Oxide Finish
Black Oxide
Bettinardi High Polish Finish
High Polish
Bettinardi Black Magic Finish
Black Magic
Bettinardi Gold Flame Finish
Gold Flame
Bettinardi Acid Wash Finish
Acid Wash
Bettinardi Purple Flame Finish
Purple Flame
Bettinardi Black Acid Finish
Black Acid  

In-House Finishes: Raw Carbon

Bettinardi Texas Tea Finish
Texas Tea  
Bettinardi Japanese Bronze Finish
Japanese Bronze  
Bettinardi Black Magic Finish
Black Magic
Bettinardi Carmel Carbon Finish
Caramel Carbon

PVD and Plated Finishes

Bettinardi Satin Nickel Finish
Satin Nickel  
Bettinardi Ultra-Violet Blue PVD Finish
Ultra-Violet Blue PVD
Bettinardi Black Chrome Finish
Black Chrome
Bettinardi Oil-Rubbed Bronze PVD Finish
Oil-Rubbed Bronze PVD
Bettinardi Black PVD Finish
Black PVD
Bettinardi Graphite Grey Finish
Graphite Grey PVD
Bettinardi Tie-Dye PVD Finish
Tie-Dye PVD

Anodizing Finishes

Bettinardi Silver Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Red Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Black Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Purple Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Blue Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Orange Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Green Anodizing Finish
Bettinardi Hot Pink Anodizing Finish
Hot Pink

Choose your Neck

Long Neck Plumbers - Putter Neck
Long Neck Plumbers - Traditional  
Mid-Slant Straight - Putter Neck
Mid-Slant Straight - Traditional
Split Knurl - Putter Neck
Split Knurl - Fancy
Regular Neck Plumbers - Putter Neck
Regular Plumbers - Traditional
Barber Pole - Putter Neck
Barber Pole - Fancy
Gear Neck - Putter Neck
Gear Neck - Fancy  
Crescent Neck - Putter Neck
Crescent Neck - Traditional
Double Barber Pole - Putter Neck
Double Barber Pole - Fancy
Classic Flow - Putter Neck
Classic Flow - Fancy
Mid-Slant Plumbers - Putter Neck
Mid-Slant Plumbers - Traditional
Full Knurl - Putter Neck
Full Knurl - Fancy

If you cannot find a one-piece milled head that suits your game, we offer a variety of necks and Tour-approved welding for specific toe hang, offset, and other options to be desired.

Choose your Shaft

UV Blue PVD - Putter Shaft
UV Blue PVD  
Matte Black - Putter Shaft
Matte Black
Tie-Dye PVD - Putter Shaft
Tie-Dye PVD
Matte UV Blue - Putter Shaft
Matte UV Blue
Gloss Black - Putter Shaft
Gloss Black PVD
UV Purple PVD - Putter Shaft
UV Purple PVD
Oil-Rubbed Bronze PVD - Putter Shaft
Oil-Rubbed Bronze PVD
Standard Chrome - Putter Shaft
Standard Chrome
Stability Tour Black - Putter Shaft
Stability Tour Black
Matte Rose Gold - Putter Shaft
Matte Rose Gold
Matte Chrome - Putter Shaft
Matte Chrome
Stability Tour Polar - Putter Shaft
Stability Tour Polar

**Please note: Shafts are subject to availability.**


Setting Putter Angles

Headcover and Grips

Due to the expansive variety of headcover options, the Hive Concierge will work with you to find the perfect match for your custom putter.

Blue-Red Lamkin Grip  
T-Hive Black Leather Grip
T-Hive Green Exotic Grip
Red-Blue Lamkin Grip
T-Hive Purple Leather Grip
T-Hive Red Exotic Grip
Black Lamkin Grip
T-Hive Blue Leather Grip
T-Hive Black Exotic Grip
Black-Grey Lamkin Grip
T-Hive Red Leather Grip
T-Hive Green Exotic Grip

**Please note: Grips are subject to availability. This is not a full list of offerings**


Custom putters start at $2,800. Please contact our concierge to start the custom process.

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