Limited 1/5 DASS QB6 Totally 80’s Putter

Regular price $1,900.00


Exclusive to the Hive. Robert Bettinardi is super stoked to release his Limited 1/5 DASS QB6 Totally 80's putter for our special 80's themed Hive release! Crafted with a superb Welded Crescent Neck, RJB precision-milled this tubular gamer to 343 grams, designing his Tour-proven head shape with gnarly ’80s graphics intricately engraved throughout, including a Fancy Face with geometrical shapes and a stylized T-Hive on the heel of the face, and Bettinardi in the pocket and a super far-out sole. Completed in a sick Black PVD finish, the 1/5 QB6 was given an individual number (1 through 5) on the bumper and was hand-painted in a sharp Miami vice color scheme. Comes paired with a rare Tour Dept. Only brick cell phone premium leather headcover, black chrome shaft and a black T-Hive perforated leather Gripmaster grip. Good Luck!