DASS BBZero Tie-Dye Fancy Face

Regular price $2,100.00

Model: BBZero Tie-Dye
Dexterity: Right Handed
Weight: 350
Material: DASS
Finish: TIE DYE
Face Milling: Fancy Face
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°


Exclusive to the Summer Lovin’ Hive release, this BBZero is simply smashing! Featuring a Tie-Dye PVD finish, Bettinardi engraved in a groovy font in the pocket, and a cool sole with the peace-eyes Tour icon. Key Features: Milled from DASS. Peace signs nano-engraved perfectly on the face, a white sightline and weighing 350 grams – made to be a gamed! Paired with our all NEW orange leather Tour only Peace Tie-Dye headcover, chrome shaft, and a white perforated leather Gripmaster grip.