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Model: FCB DASS Hex
Dexterity: Right Handed
Weight:  353 grams
Material: DASS
Finish: Black Oxide
Face Milling: 
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°


Hive only: After guest hosting on the Fred Couples Show two weeks ago, RJB has his good friends putter top of mind, milling another superb FCB using his patented Micro-honeycomb face milling, and giving this traditional blade a sharp Black Ox finish and hand-painted in a ‘cool like Freddy’ purple and pink color scheme. Milled from the finest Double Aged Stainless Steel, and given a 353 gram head weight, Bob Bettinardi wanted this putter to be gamed, even adding extra flare with the alternating Hex’s across the rear flange and a clean sole with Bettinardi engraved on the heel of the face. Comes paired with a black Tour only carbon fiber headcover, black chrome shaft, and a black leather Gripmaster grip.


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