Fat Cat Divot Tool

Regular price $75.00

Model:  Divot Tool
Dexterity: n/a
Weight: n/a
Material: DASS
Finish: Torched
Face Milling: n/a
Loft: n/a
Lie: n/a

Trick or Treat! Finished in a stunning golden torch finish, this is the first Fat Cat divot tool we’ve ever made! Including the lucky Fat Cat perfectly engraved on the front of the tool, and the back, crawl marks across the engraved Bettinardi. If you were lucky enough to score the first ever Fat Cat divot tool, you hit the full candy bar Hive offering! 

Due to the one-off nature of hand-torching metal, every ball marker and divot tool will have a unique finish that may differ from photos.


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