3 Step Jam DASS Grand Poobah Wizard

Regular price $1,600.00

Model: 3 Step Jam 
Dexterity: RH 
Weight:  350 grams
Material: DASS
Finish: Tour Blast 
Face Milling: Nano Honeycomb 
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°

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Surprise! Sam Bettinardi’s favorite head shape was given an all-new, never-before-seen design twist with the Grand Poobah Wizard icon! Precision milled to 350 grams from the finest Double Aged Stainless Steel, the chief of all 3 Step Jams was given a phenomenal Nano Honeycomb face milling, ladder milling along the inner neck for a true 1/1 touch, and our Grand Poobah Wizard icon engraved perfectly along the sole and symbol on the heel of the face. Paired with an all-new rare Grand Poobah Wizard headcover and black T-Hive Gripmaster grip. Good luck!

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