BBZero Flow ALOHA DASS (White Buffalo)

Regular price $2,300.00


Aloha DASS! Reserved for the Hive, the BBZero Flow DASS Aloha putter is the perfect nod to the start of the 2019 PGA season beginning in beautiful Hawaii. This stunning tropical BBZero Flow is full of custom, intricate milling throughout the putter, including a special decorative face milling over Micro-honeycomb, Aloha perfectly engraved in the pocket, and completed in our Black Oxide finish and hand-painted in a colorful flowery color scheme, 1/6 pieces crafted worldwide. 
*A rare, true 1 of 1, limited white buffalo ALOHA premium headcover will be paired with the BBZero Flow Aloha putter and given an orange perforated leather Gripmaster grip.