Blue Anodized Ball Marker & Divot Tool Display

Regular price $200.00

Model: Ball Marker & Divot Tool Display 
Diameter: 11" x 4" 
Material: 6061 Aluminum 
Finish: Blue Anodized
Milling: Honeycomb  

Collectors rejoice, Robert Bettinardi has engineered the perfect display for the best, most loyal, golf customers in the world! Milled from the finest 6061 Aluminum, featuring our patented Honeycomb milling on top of the display, and given a stunning blue anodized finish, the perfect display is now available for the first time exclusively for the Hive. No detail was left to spare in engineering the perfect Bettinardi display, as RJB wanted to ensure the mill slots were wide enough, and deep enough to hold our first ever bottle cap markers in the front row, two rows for std. sized ball markers, and the last row for divot tools. The limited Bettinardi stand in blue is a must-have for all Betti collectors looking to show off their collection at home or at the office. Good Luck!