DASS SS9 Steel Patina T-Hive Stinger

Regular price $1,700.00


Hive Only! Handpicked by Sam Bettinardi for this week’s Hive release, this Studio Stock is finally back in a big way! This SS9 was precision milled to 363 grams and features a over-hozel stubby slant neck, our all-new Roll Control Face, and a gorgeous ladder milling across the bumpers. Completed in a beautiful Steel Patina finish and hand-painted in a classic white paint scheme, this SS9 features our T-Hive Stinger intracelty engraved across the sole, while the pocket features Bettinardi and a T-Hive. This 1 of 1 comes paired with a Honey Drip Tour Dept. Only headcover, and exotic black leather Gripmaster grip. Good luck!