Queen B6 DASS Skull and Bones

Regular price $1,250.00

Model: Queen B6 DASS Skull and Bones
Dexterity: Right Handed
Weight: 374 grams
Material: DASS
Finish: Black Chrome
Face Milling: Micro-Honeycomb
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°

RJB made this Queen B6 ‘bad to the bone’ with an impressive black PVD finish, hand-painted white and red color scheme with two Skull and Bones in the pocket, and a clean white sightline to help guide the player in making their big putt. This Queen B6 features our patented Micro-Honeycomb face milling with a custom T Hive engraving on the heel of the face in red and white. The sole of this putter features three iconic Skull and Bones engravings and Bettinardi – QB6 – DASS in white in-between two red dots. This QB6 weighs 375g and was paired perfectly with a red gripmaster grip, and our all NEW white Hive only Motion Skull and Bones headcover.


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