Inovai 6.0 RC Grateful Cat

Regular price $1,400.00


Hive only! Sam Bettinardi selected one of hottest mallet putters on the market, the Inovai 6.0, for this week’s Major Hive release! Precision-milled to exactly 360-grams with a one-piece 303SS Roll Control Face and 6061 Military-grade Aluminum back, the 6.0 was hand-stamped with snow in the pocket for a true one-of-one appearance. Given unique Bettinardi engravings across the gamer with our Grateful Fat Cat and dancing T-Hives on the sole, and completed in a sharp two-tone finish finish, with a purple flamed stainless front piece and black anodized rear, this gamer comes paired with a charcoal black tonal T-Hive mallet headcover (Hive only) and grip Bettinardi T-Hive deep etched grip. Good Luck!

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