Iron or Wedge Fitting - Studio B Oak Brook

Iron or Wedge Fitting - Studio B Oak Brook

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You won’t get very far without your irons and wedges, so it’s crucial that your clubs work for you to make you as effective as possible on approach.

Schedule an appointment with one of our certified fitting professionals at Studio B, located in Oak Brook, IL to be fitted for a set of irons or wedges and optimize your game.

Using our proprietary fitting process, in conjunction with the GC Hawk simulator by Foresight and Tee Strike hitting turf by SYNLawn Golf, our certified professionals will determine which style of irons or wedges and proper shafts and grips will work the best for you.

We’ll determine the proper length, loft, and lie specs to maximize your performance with your new clubs.

We’ll give you your specs and keep them on file for your next visit.

During your visit you can also see our exclusive Hive, where you can buy one-of-one putters, wedges, and limited-run metal and soft goods exclusive to Studio B Oak Brook.


What to expect:

1-hour fitting appointment

Work with a Bettinardi Golf professional to determine which style of irons or wedges and proper shafts and grips best fit your game.

For irons: Your custom set fit specifically for you will be built and shipped within 2-3 weeks.
For wedges: Leave Studio B the same day with a wedge set built and fit specifically to you.

Access to The Hive

$100 fitting fee + cost of your new irons or wedges


What to bring:

For iron fitting - You may bring your current irons, but this is not necessary.
For wedge fitting - We encourage you to bring your highest lofted iron so that we can properly gap your distances with your new Bettinardi wedges.

Additional information:

If you would like to cancel your appointment, please notify us 24 hours ahead of time to avoid forfeiting the fitting fee.

If you are an NFT Holder your fitting fee will be refunded at your appointment.

If you purchase a Hive putter or Hive wedge set (3 wedges) your fitting fee will be waived upon checkout.

If more than one person is coming to get fit, you must book an hour for each person getting fit. Ex: if 2 people are coming to get fit, 2 back-to-back hours must be reserved.


**The Complete Bettinardi Fitting**

If you book a putter fitting, wedge fitting, and an iron fitting for the same day you will receive a $200 refund off your total appointment cost. You must purchase a putter, a set of irons, and at least one wedge for the refund to be applied.


Unrivaled in short game performance since 1998.


At Bettinardi we strive for perfection and do things unlike any other golf company. There are many ways to make a putter, but there is only one way to make a Bettinardi.


Bettinardi putters are proudly milled in the USA. We mill, test, and perfect our putters in our own manufacturing facility just outside of Chicago for the past twenty-plus years.


All Bettinardi products will ship domestically within 5-10 business days (based on inventory) after order is received. International destinations may vary but average around 1-2 weeks.