Regular price $1,500.00

Model: FCB DASS Fat Cat
Dexterity: Right Handed
Weight:  352 grams
Material: DASS
Finish: Purple Flame
Face Milling: Flymill
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°


The first ever Fred Couples Blade featuring our Fat Cat Tour Icon! Sam Bettinardi wanted to make this FCB ultra-cool, giving the DASS a purple flame finish, ensuring the lucky player putting with this this stunner had a gamer with the exact hex sight dot Freddy has requested from Bettinardi. Featuring our Flymill face milling, Fat Cat perfectly engraved on the heel, Bettinardi in a clean hand-painted yellow in the pocket, and a sole with our Thive Tour icon evolving from the Fat Cat. This Fat Cat FCB is a true winner from Team B. Perfectly paired with our all NEW Tour only yellow and Tiffany blue carbon fiber headcover and a tan leather exotic Gripmaster grip. 

Key Features: Precise 352 gram head weight, Purple Flame finish, and milled from the finest Double Aged Stainless Steel. Paired with our all NEW Tour only carbon fiber headcover featuring the Fat Cat icon.


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