Lefty Carbon BBZero Mid-Slant

Regular price $1,100.00


Lefties Rejoice, Sam Bettinardi wanted to offer you the chance to obtain a one-of-a-kind Lefty BBZero this week in the Hive. Precision-milled to 357-grams from the finest Soft Carbon steel, this BBZero was crafted by our Tour Department as a serious gamer with a welded Mid-Slant and given our patented Micro-honeycomb Face Milling. Completed in an impressive Texas Tea finish, given retro Bettinardi stinger bee, and hand-painted in a sharp orange and white color scheme. Good Luck, lefties! *This putter features a Raw finish that will rust over time. To keep its’ original luster, be sure to use a light cloth with oil each time after use.*

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