BB8 Tri DASS Stamp

Regular price $1,400.00

Model: BB8 Tri
Dexterity: Right Handed
Weight: 355
Material: DASS
Finish: Steel Patina 
Face Milling: Micro-honeycomb 
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°


A masterpiece, reserved for the Hive only, with a rare finish for the Tour preferred BB8 Triplane. Robert J. Bettinardi wanted to craft a stunning Eight-Tri firing up this Steel Patina finish with hand stamp in the pocket and bumpers, and precision milling his patented Micro-honeycomb face milling with a 355 gram head weight. The gorgeous DASS BB8 Tri was made to be the ultimate gamer, featuring an engraved sightline on the topline and a clean sole with the weight perfectly stamped towards the toe. Paired perfectly with a black perforated leather Gripmaster grip and NEW exotic Hive only Made in USA headcover.

Key Features: Hand-Stamp across the putter: Bettinardi in the pocket. DASS and unique 8 Tri with snow on the bumpers. 355 engraved on the sole. Steel Patina finish.


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