Lefty DASS Good BBZero

Regular price $1,300.00

Model: BBZero
Dexterity: Left-Handed
Weight: 352
Material: DASS
Finish: Tour Blast
Face Milling: Micro-honeycomb
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°


Left-handed, DASS Good! RJB and Sam Bettinardi want to make sure all the lefties are not discriminated against!  This groovy Double Aged Stainless Steel (DASS) left handed BBZero, reserved for the Hive only, is a super-cool and ready to be put in play! A complete gamer with a clean sole, given our patented Micro-honeycomb, face milling for a crisp feel at impact, Tour blast finish, and precisely milled to 352 grams .  Finished with key Bettinardi engravings across the putter, including a unique BB0 in the pocket, DASS Good on the bumpers, and Thive Bettinardi on the heel of the face, and hand-painted in a cool pink and purple color scheme. Paired perfectly with a purple perforated leather Gripmaster grip and NEW exotic Hive only Made in USA headcover. Good luck, lefties! 


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