RJB Special Cigar Holder

Regular price $80.00

Model: RJB Special Cigar Holder 
Dexterity: n/a
Weight: n/a
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Tour Blast
Face Milling: n/a
Loft: n/a
Lie: n/a

NEW! Robert J. Bettinardi engineered his all-new cigar holder crafting the perfect contour shape to secure your stogie in windy conditions (tested in the Windy City!), keeping it safe from chemicals on the golf course! The 'RJB Special' was given a clean platinum finish, features a beautiful nano knurl milling around the base and precision-milled with a special ported side slot to clip to the cigar holder to your golf bag. Each cigar holder features Bettinardi and Made in The USA engraved on the bottom. Limited. Good Luck! 


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