Stinger Black Ox Wedge Set (52, 56, 60)

Regular price $1,000.00


Hive Only! RJB and SRB are thrilled to offer you another #WedgeWednesday Hive Release, bringing you our all-new custom Forged HLX 3.0 wedge sets, with each wedge uniquely milled, designed, and finished in Tinley Park, IL. This remarkable Black Ox wedge set features a variety of Fat Cat icons including a reverse milled T-Hive Stinger on the 52 degree wedge. Hand-painted in a sharp orange paint scheme, this wedge set showcases the true 1 of 1 appearance and is sure to bring some jealous eyeing of your bag this season. Good luck!

Wedges should be carefully maintained with baby oil, or wiped clean after use to retain its original appearance. Wedges will rust over time.