T-Hive Rainbow PVD Wedges (52, 56, 60)

Regular price $1,100.00


Reserved for The Hive! RJB and SRB are thrilled to offer another Wedge Hive release, bringing you our all-new custom Forged HLX 3.0 wedge set, with each wedge uniquely milled, designed, and finished in Tinley Park, IL. This C-Grind Rainbow PVD wedge set is intricately engraved with a variety of Wizard Tour icons and Chicago Flag stars across each wedge and T-Hive on the 52-degree wedge. Hand-painted in a sleek gold and white paint scheme, this set is 1 of 1. Good Luck!.


Wedges should be carefully maintained with baby oil, or wiped clean after use to retain its original appearance. Wedges will rust over time.